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You start in the shop with a grocery list of food items (Meat, Vegetables, Candy, etc.)

You move with the cart through the shop and collect items by running over them, bumping into shelves and running over other shoppers. All items have price tags above them and when collected it subtracts the amount from your bank account shown above. Once you’ve collected all the items or the time runs out, you get the chance to read the newspaper and see the repercussions of your actions and purchase upgrades for your shopping cart. The upgrades will increase the speed or grip you have.


You start on the farm with a list of todo items (Harvest crops, Cook meal, etc.)

You can move around the farm and perform different tasks to decrease your hunger and thirst, care for your children or harvest and sell crops. You have to keep yourself fed as well as your children in order to survive, but don’t get caught up in that as you need to earn money to buy the food. You need to survive every round and deal with the natural disasters that happen around you. There are also disasters the consumer creates or you create yourself by cutting down forests etc.

This game was originally intended to be played with two controllers. This build has been modified to be used with mouse and keyboard.
Keyboard Controls:

W A S D – Move the Player (W Forward | S Backwards | A Walk Left | D Walk Right)
E -Interact with Objects
Q -Drop equipped item (Bucket)
Left Shift -Sprint (Player move faster)

Arrow Keys – Move the Player (↑ Forward | ↓ Backwards |← Walk Left | → Walk Right)
. (Dot) -Interact with Object / (Slash) -Sprint (Player move faster)

Menu Interaction
Use the mouse to interact with menu items. Due to modifications and absence of controllers, both players need to share the mouse to click on menu items.

Install instructions

Download the "Build (1).zip" File and extract it somewhere you'd like the game to be. Inside the folder run the "ProjectContext_NextChapter.exe" file and enjoy. 



Build (1).zip 124 MB
FinalBuild.zip 116 MB

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